HDB Kitchen Interior Design and Renovation


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Your dream kitchen come to life.

The kitchen is the most overworked area in every home. This is where meals are not only prepared but enjoyed, where the family whiles away time and delights in each other’s company. Most people would probably agree that food – and eating – is one of man’s love languages.

We understand this concept perfectly that is why we make sure that aside from functionality, our HDB kitchen designs and renovations are likewise comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. What we offer and work towards is a comprehensive kitchen solution that has a discriminating eye for detail and a pragmatic approach to layout and design.

Our Design Process

kitchen renovationBeing a work area, the kitchen undoubtedly requires thorough planning— and this is where our design process begins. A careful assessment of the needs, as well as the preferences, of our customers is first made.

Would you like a bigger stove area over a larger countertop space?

Are you more inclined to having a spacious area to entertain guests in place of a sizable place to cook?

Do you need a lot of cabinet space?

In addition to these factors, there are also quite a number of fixtures to also consider. Sinks, faucets, stoves, ovens, refs all need to be installed.

The task may sound daunting, but our customers are always assured that every step in the design process, no matter how major or how small, is given equal thought and the same amount of attention.

Our designers keep themselves up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations to give our clients a wider variety of selections and to expertly guide them toward the direction that is fit for their kitchen.

Would you like your kitchen to have a Mediterranean feel? Or do you prefer to cook surrounded by modern interiors? Or perhaps you would like some country flair or maybe a more vintage appeal.

Whatever it is that you are inclined to have, we will surely deliver as our ultimate goal is to give you the kitchen that you always dreamed of.

Our Careful Planning

Given the limited space of Singapore HDBs, we will design a layout that optimizes function and maximizes handling of space.

For instance, we make certain that the key elements of the kitchen— the sink, the stove, and the ref— are situated in relation to each other to afford a seamless work flow. Such efficiency can contribute to lesser prep time and more quality time with the family.

Our renovation and interior design packages are proven to be competitive while maintaining a high standard in quality and reliability. This standard is applied in all requirements entrusted to us, whether HDB 3-room, 4-room, or 5-room. From design to budget to material selection and scheduling, we make sure that we work closely with our clients to guarantee smooth operations from start to finish.

Contact us today and be a step closer to having the kitchen you have always wanted.