7 Budget-Friendly Design Tips for Your Bedroom

bedroom tips

No need to make a sizeable dent on your bank account so you can spruce up your inner sanctum. Make it a place where you can actually recharge after a long day’s work.

Tip # 1: Clean your room!

This will not cost you anything except maybe 30 minutes to an hour depending on the clutter you have to store away. Start with the TV if you need your bedroom to be as relaxing as it can be.

Here’s why – experts say watching TV not only keeps you awake, but it can also be a source of stress. Make sure to have a trendy container for the stuff you want to keep inside your room.

Tip #2: The Wall

painted wall

Paint doesn’t cost much and it’s an effective way to change the look and feel your room. Use light colors if you have a rather small bedroom to create an illusion of a bigger space. Remember how light-colored clothes make you look bigger? Same principle applies. You can also opt to border the top part of the walls with wallpaper. This will give your room an elegant, rich feel to it.

Tip #3: Rearrange


It may not sound much, but neither would it cost a single penny. Feel free to experiment – even the smallest change can alter the look and feel of your old bedroom.

Moving the bed into a corner instead of against the wall will make your room look more elegant, if not more intimate.

This would also be a good time to flip the mattress to its other side. Take this opportunity to create more space in your bedroom.

Tip #4: It’s all in the headboard


Style need not be expensive, and so is installing a new wall mount headboard. Many websites offer inexpensive, nice-looking headboards that will definitely give your room a new look and feel to look forward to coming home from work.

If you can’t spare the space, there are a lot of decals online you can design that part of the wall. Got artistic flair? Put it to work and paint artsy designs on the wall where the headboard should be. You could stick some old photos up there if you wish.

Tip #5: Pillow talk


You don’t really need that many pillows cluttering up your bed. The general rule of thumb is two sets of pillows and a neck roll will suffice. Getting a new duvet cover or comforter will also render your bed looking brand spanking new.

Steer clear from matching designs on the bed as well. This means your pillows, bed covers, or duvets must have enough contrast so they wouldn’t appear camouflaged on your bed.

Tip #6: Little green helpers

plant decoration

We learned the importance of plants in biology class; and having a houseplant in the room helps create oxygen and gets rid of toxins in the air. If you don’t know how to take care of plants, go online and do some search. While you’re at it, know which plants live longer with the least amount of care.

Tip #7: Recycle your knick knacks

shawdow boxes

Your tabletop accessories and other trinkets need not go to storage.

Shadow boxes are cheap and very easy to install on your wall. Get creative, hang a couple on the walls, then place whichever accessory you like up there. It’s a great space-saver when your room doesn’t have enough floor space, and not to mention the fact that it breathes a completely new dimension into your bedroom

These are standalone tips, and can be done in conjunction with other steps or even all together.

If there are other techniques you can come up with, and then by all means, feel free to mix them up with the ones mentioned above. Maybe you’re sharing the room with somebody else, or you have it all for yourself. If you need more ideas, talk to a interior designer or visit design sites for inspirations.

The bottom line is it will always be your call. That’s the beauty of creativity, only the mind can keep it within the bounds of the ordinary.

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